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So, Why do you collect Dinky Toys?


“My grandad had a small collection of Dinky Toys on a shelf when I was little and when he died, I had them. I continued to expand the collection, and started collecting toys that I could remember from my childhood.”


 What was the first Dinky Toy you brought, why did you buy it?


“The first item I collected was the Dinky army vehicles,  as vintage toys go they are and have been less expensive to collect. They were also what I played with most as a boy. Most boys toys from 1920 to 1970 were soldiers and tanks, they were a very popular toy.”


Can you describe a fond memory you have with your collection?


“A fond memory I have is that they have the power of evoking childhood memories. A time of innocences, there is also a certain amount of satisfaction relating to the size of my collection”


How do you think this collection could help to inspire others, visually or factually?

“My collection could be very interesting if the collection is displayed in a timeline to see how and what influenced toy manufacturers to produce the ranges they did and to see the stereotyping of toys and how production techniques change over the decades. A Lot of the toys then wouldn't pass modern safety standards, toys of the past required a certain amount of imagination and creativity to play with them, (ie early lego was just random blocks and components none of these themed boxes )”.

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In an interview with Simon, I was able to go up to his attic and see his collection of Dinky Toys he had STACKED away.



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