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It was super interesting to catch up with guitar collector Michael. I went to his house, took some beautiful imagery of him and his collection and got an exclusive interview.


You can also find Michaels guitar collection on the collaboration page, in collaboration with i-D magazine, for their front cover of the new issue! Or scroll down to see the exclusive interview.

So, Why do you collect guitars?


“ I started collecting guitars because I wanted to play in bands. Then it became an interest as I realised how great looking they were and that I liked the way different instruments sounded different, they had different characteristics. As the years go by, a good quality guitar should increase in price, so it’s a hobby that in the long run doesn’t cost a lot.”


What was the first guitar you brought, why did you buy it?

The first guitar I bought was what's known as a ‘copy', that means it’s a cheap version of a classic (expensive) one. It was a copy of a Gibson SG. Later I got a real SG that cost about twenty times my original cheap one.


Can you describe a fond memory you have with your collection?

I have lots of fond memories, I particularly remember  buying one in the United States many years ago in Memphis. And other times I remember going into shops in London or travelling to buy guitars from people who lived in interesting parts of England, so I have many fond memories of both buying and of course playing them at various gigs.


How do you think this collection could help to inspire others, visually or factually?

I hope others see my collection and think about taking up playing the guitar, or any other instrument; music in any form (playing, watching/listening or writing your own) is a great pastime.

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