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Lulu, age 20 has been collecting yarns for the past 7 years. I conducted an interview with her, and joined Lulu on her photoshoot where she took images of some of her hats she created using knit techniques. Find the interview below;




Hello Lulu! So why is it that you collect these items?


“I collect yarns and source lots of sustainable materials as part of my textile practice. I love using recycled goods and upcycling them to create exciting knit work. I am currently working on a project using old bottle caps and cans, using the interesting labels and colours to instigate my designs.


So how did you start buying yarns?


“I started off only buying yarns for hand knitting, but when I got my domestic machine and had access to use an industrial machine called the ‘dubied’ I started to collect deadstock yarns in all different colours and widths. I love working with tape yarns and fine monofilament. The effect of mixing heavy weighted yarns with the contrast of fine fragile yarn is beautiful”


Would you be able to recall a fond memory you have with your collection of yarns?


“I used my yarns to create a collection of 5 hats (find the images below), all using different knit techniques. I used crochet, hand knit and domestic machine knitting to create extravagant pieces. I loved working on this collection as it helped me learn alot about my practice and how experimenting with colour palettes is the best way to see how a collection will come together.”


Finally, how do you think this collection could help to inspire others, visually or even factually?


“Visually, I think my collection is very colourful, detailed and diverse. The mixing of yarns with up-cycling found materials is something I want to carry on in the future, and it will hopefully educate people to also follow sustainable practices”


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