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Name: Kim Davies

Collection: Chinese blue and white pottery

Number in collection: 60

I have always loved ‘Chinese’ blue and white pottery. Navy and white is my favourite colour combination. Being a potter myself, I have always been inspired by other potters.


My mother had beautiful blue and white Chinese vases that I always loved. Then when I was older, I went for dinner to someone’s home and their bathroom had beautiful antique blue and white plates all over the wall… from then on, I started going to charity shops and antique markets and have been collecting ever since. 


All my guests comment on this collection of mine and love it creatively speaking.  There is a long history to Chinese pottery, if one were to look into it, I am sure I have many well known traditional designs. I also have some of the English blue and white pottery which is also historical in British ceramics.

Enjoy my collection! And contact me below with any questions!

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