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Elizabeth collects teddy's, so I went over to her house to have a chat and take some photos of her and her collection!

When I arrived I was greeted by her dog Harry, who was running about the house.

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So Elizabeth, why do you collect teddy’s?

“I started collecting them when my dear friend died. I found the collection of all of his old teddy’s and it sparked something in me. I decided to put my small collection of teddy’s with his, and saw how beautiful they all looked together. I wanted to carry on my friend's passion and so decided I would carry on collecting in memory of him. Every Time I would visit London I would go to Harrods and buy a new teddy bear, and so it continued. 

Could you share any memories you have with your collection?


“Once, I was shopping with my friend Judith’s and I accidentally left my favourite teddy in the trolley! We couldn’t find it anywhere and I started to panic, luckily about 10 minutes later I ran back to the shop and found it was still sitting there!

Another memory would be when my pink teddy bear smelt  strawberries went missing. My friend said to me that a pink strawberry smelling teddy had ended up in a pile that was being sent off to a jumble sale, luckily it got saved, I gave him a wash and he was good as new. Thinking about it, I seem to have a record of losing my teddy’s!


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