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Name: Ken

Collection: Glass pots

Number in collection: 125

I have been a serious collector of vintage finds for over 30 years now. Glass has fascinated me since I was very young. The colours, shapes and textures fill me with wonder. 

When I bought my 120 year old house 27 years ago, I saw the potential for areas of display that were lacking. I designed my house around my growing collections.

 My main art glass focus has been Canadian Art Glass from the houses of Chalet, Lorraine, EDAG, Altaglass and Chantilli. I also have some Murano and Czech pieces. Then I have the Genie Bottle Collection (Most are Empoli but others are tucked in like a Holmgaard, Blenko and other special ones) and the swung vases (mostly L.E.Smith and some Viking from the USA).

I’ve also loved vintage pottery/ceramics including West German, Japanese, Canadian and USA.  My cupboards are full. 

For me collecting has always been about the colour and energy it provides. When I’m out looking a piece will pop out at me, that’s why I know I have to have it. I’ve collected mostly one piece at a time over many years.

 I do have a few very special ones that were my moms and one that her mom gave  her. They will always be my favourites. 

I spend a lot of time playing with the glass. Finding the perfect  way to light the appropriate areas. Moving them around to create the energy I want in that area. When a new piece arrives now it takes some figuring out where the put it as the whole house has become a puzzle of glass. I see my house as a giant installation that will never be completed. I coin my style as Retro Futuristic Funk. 

I have an Etsy shop I just opened that features my photography of my collections and local remote shots of  Vancouver Island, British Columbia Canada. I also have lots of amazing vintage finds that I am letting go to make room for more special treasures. 

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