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Name: Ben Pollock

Collection: Comic books

Number in collection: 873

Here is my collection of comic books.

I originally started collecting comic books because I was drawn to the artwork, the wickedly cool characters, and the fun stories. However, after ten years of casually collecting and a five-year hiatus, I jumped headfirst back into this collection and really immersed myself in it. My biggest interest is the Amazing Spider-Man series, and my goal is to collect all 700 issues from the first two volumes (1963-2013). 

Comic books are often dismissed as “kid things” and many collectors (myself included) grew up hearing that we needed to stop reading them and to “grow up.” However, comic books have shaped our world in more ways than people realise. They have inspired generations of children to read, to appreciate art, and embrace their imagination. Adult collectors also feel a strong connection to comic books through the nostalgia of their childhood. Many museums and archives hold large comic book collections, the Library of Congress being a well-known example. There is also a whole new resurgence of appreciation for comic books because of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the DC movie universe, and various other movies and tv shows. I personally think it’s wonderful that so many new fans have entered the comic collecting hobby, but this influx of new fans has also reshaped the hobby. 

 I have included a few photos of my collection, as well as a photo of myself from last year’s Baltimore Comic Con. These are all my own photos, including the first two collage photos (these are books from my own collection). I hope everyone enjoys my collection!

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