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STACKED came to life through research I conducted regarding how collectors often felt belittled and judged. But I understood how inspiring and visually exciting these collections could be. I decided to create a website that would allow collectors to be seen as artists in their own right.


STACKED website is the primary area where the STACKED community will meet and develop. You can upload your own collections, get in contact with like minded collectors, trade, discuss and educate about your collections, you have the chance to collaborate with brands and agencies who could benefit from your collection. A chance to be on the featured page, STACKED podcast and STACKED zine if you are part of the favourite collections of the month.


STACKED is important as it means collections can be viewed at any time from any place. Once uploaded to the safe online space that is STACK-ED.COM your collection will be held as an important record of social history.


Upload your collections, get STACKING

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